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The Australia and New Zealand Association of Clerks-at-the-Table (ANZACATT) was formed in 2001 and now comprises 130 members from each House of Parliament in Australia and New Zealand.

The objects of the Association are to advance the professional development of its members and to enable its members and other staff of Parliaments in Australia and New Zealand to expand their knowledge of the foundations and principles of parliamentary systems and parliamentary procedure in Australia and New Zealand as well as the administrative practices essential to the smooth operation of Parliament. The sharing of professional experiences and knowledge about the institution of Parliament and the development of links with similar organizations are also amongst the Association's aims.

Any officer of a House of Parliament in Australia and New Zealand who is employed in the capacity of Clerk-at-the-Table and is eligible to be a member of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table is eligible to be nominated for membership. Former Clerks-at-the-Table may also be honorary members of the Association.

The Association is administered by an Executive which meets at least quarterly each year to determine policy and the directions of the Association.

A multi-day professional development seminar is held at the end of January each year which is open to both members of the Association and other parliamentary officers nominated by the Clerk of their House. The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held concurrently with the professional development seminar.

Three committees have also been appointed by the Executive. The Education Committee identifies to the Executive opportunities for the Association to contribute to a better understanding of the institution of Parliament and the Professional Development Committee makes the arrangements for the annual professional development seminar under the broad guidelines determined by the Executive. The Parliamentary Case Law Committee, compiles a list of parliamentary law cases.

The principal publication of the Association is a half yearly bulletin “Parliament Matters” which contains reports from each House on matters of procedural and administrative significance as well as comments on relevant legal cases and short articles on topical matters. The bulletin is prepared as a regular means of exchanging information between the Houses and alerting members to events that may be of interest. In addition, the Executive produces a quarterly newsletter designed to keep members up to date with its activities.